About me


My name is Olivier Bernard.

I’m from Montreal, Canada.

I’m a licensed pharmacist and I have a part-time practice since 2004*.

I also have a Master’s degree in molecular genetics.

I’ve worked in the pharma industry for a couple of years.

I’m passionate about communication, both oral and written.

I’m both irritated and fascinated by scientific and medical myths.

I frequently speak in the media about healthcare.

I also co-produce, write & host a TV documentary series, and I wrote four popular science books, but these not available in English (yet).

I occasionally get involved in politics and scientific activism.

My artistic skills are limited, but I still manage to draw everything you see on this website.

My English is good but not perfect, so please bear with me.

Right now, I’d rather be hiking.

I’m proudly introverted and a full-blown nerd.


You can send me an email at :



* Note : Opinions expressed here are mine only. They don’t necessarily represent those of the professional associations I am a member of, or of the pharmacies where I work.