About me


My name is Olivier Bernard.

Yeah, I’m from Canada. Montreal, actually.

I’m a licensed pharmacist and I have a part-time practice since 2004*.

I also have a Master’s degree in pharmacogenetics.

I’ve worked in the pharma industry for a couple of years.

I’m passionate about communication, both oral and written.

Right now, I’d rather be hiking.

I’m both irritated and fascinated by scientific and medical myths.

I frequently speak in the media about healthcare.

I’m proudly introverted.

My artistic skills are limited, but I still manage to draw everything you see on this website.

I also have a TV show and books, but they’re not available in English yet.

I’m a full-blown nerd.

You can send me an email at :


* NoteĀ : Opinions expressed here are mine only. They don’t necessarily represent those of my professional associations, employers or clients.