The Pharmafist : an English version of Le Pharmachien is born


Back in Sep. 2012, I created a weird blog/website hybrid about health & science named Le Pharmachien. It eventually became somewhat popular in the French-speaking world.

Today, due to popular demand (and a ill-advised need to fill up more of my spare time), I’m releasing its English version: The Pharmafist.

Comics will have to be translated one by one, obviously, and I very much doubt I can do it all by myself. So if you feel like translating your favorite one, please give me a shout here or on Facebook.

P.S. Don’t even think about making a joke involving fists and all. I’ve heard them all in my head already.

4 responses to “The Pharmafist : an English version of Le Pharmachien is born

  1. translating all your comics must be a “fist” full huh

  2. Dang. Now I can wimp out and read them in English… Ah well. At least now when I forward your comics on Facebook 98% of my friends will be able to read them 🙂

    • thepharmafist

      Thanks Melanie !
      I was receiving lots of messages like “Good job, your stuff looks good, even though I can’t read it…”.

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