The Pharmafist : an English version of Le Pharmachien is born


Back in Sep. 2012, I created a weird blog/website hybrid about health & science named Le Pharmachien. It eventually became somewhat popular in the French-speaking world.

Today, due to popular demand (and a ill-advised need to fill up more of my spare time), I’m releasing its English version: The Pharmafist.

Comics will have to be translated one by one, obviously, and I very much doubt I can do it all by myself. So if you feel like translating your favorite one, please give me a shout here or on Facebook!

7 responses to “The Pharmafist : an English version of Le Pharmachien is born

  1. translating all your comics must be a “fist” full huh

  2. Dang. Now I can wimp out and read them in English… Ah well. At least now when I forward your comics on Facebook 98% of my friends will be able to read them 🙂

    • thepharmafist

      Thanks Melanie !
      I was receiving lots of messages like “Good job, your stuff looks good, even though I can’t read it…”.

  3. Leigh Ann Greavu RD LD

    NOT sure if this is appropriate to post due to naming the product line I am against. My sister was asked to sign an agreement that she will not use any supplements during her chemo treatment in Berkeley. After hearing this I was hopeful she would no longer spend her money on supplements! She is very very angry with me as i tossed out the remaining tinctures and pills she still had from [NATUROPATH X]. She paid thousands of dollars for the program and intended to start taking them again after she was done with chemo treatment. Please formulate an e-mail that I can send to her regarding the danger to her already taxed liver. I have had a hard time finding (negative) reviews from patient’s about [NATUROPATH X]’s program.

    • Hi Leigh Ann!

      I’m really sorry to hear that… If was you, I’d be totally freaking out right now (note: my parents do take some useless supplements despite of my advice against these, but at least the products do not endanger their health).

      Yes I know that naturopath (unfortunately), as several readers pointed out his videos to me. Most “holistic therapists” at least provide SOME sound advice, but what this man says is close to 100% pseudoscience. You were right to throw away the tinctures and pills; just looking at the 3 products on his front page, there are 10+ herbal extracts in each so drug interactions with chemo and other medications are highly likely. And it is hard to find criticism of his “program”, because he is not very well known (still 12000 followers on Facebook though) and the claims in his videos are so outrageous that most scientists won’t even bother.

      So, about the email now. Let’s face it: it extremely hard to convince anyone of anything, and it might even be worse when it’s someone close to us. Here are a few key messages that I think should be emphasized. Unfortunately, I think you should focus on the risks of the program, because saying anything against the naturopath himself would probably backfire.

      – The risk of the supplements interacting with any of her treatments is very high (even after chemo, she will need other meds). Contrary to popular belief, herbal supplements do often cause significant interactions. Namely, cases of liver damage are numerous.
      – The program actually downplays any possible risks. In the FAQ, it says that the supplements are “generally safe” and that “children respond beautifully”. Any program stating such things is NOT trustworthy.
      – There’s seems to be no quality testing at all on these products. This is extremely dangerous, as even big brands of natural health products are known to have severe quality deficits and often contain contaminants.
      – None of these supplements have been reviewed or approved for sale to the public. It’s irresponsible to sell this online.
      – The program is EXTREMELY costly!!! Something so costly should at least follow some quality standards, which could explain the high costs… but as stated above, the program does nothing of the sort. So where does all the money go? This is not normal.

      That’s what I’m thinking of from the top of my head. At this point, I don’t think it’s a good idea to try and debunk the concept of detox itself, because it doesn’t sound like she’s open to that type of conversation.

      I REALLY hope it helps! Please keep me in the loop if possible, I’d like to know. And if I can do anything else, don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂

      Take care,


      Note : Naturopath’s name removed.

  4. Leigh Ann Greavu RD LD

    You are a breath of fresh air offering
    Sound advice from an educated professional who is not trying to sell you a product !

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