How to make your milk NONTOXIC


You’re probably aware that milk is a disgusting, toxic, white poison filled with blood and pus, threatening mankind every day.  I read that online.

If you drink milk, you will have cancer, osteoporosis, divorce and your credit card debts will increase significantly. You’ll also die one day because of dairy.

Chances are that you’re lactose intolerant too, because everyone is. So if you give milk to your kids, you’re basically a criminal.

But fortunately, I’ve found a way to make milk slightly better for you. Here’s how.

Translation by Olivier Bernard, proofreading by Lauren Knight.


How to make your milk nontoxic

Milk is white poison according to the Internet

I share my findings about milk on Facebook

Lactose intolerance mammals and the milk industry

You are lactose intolerant and also an idiot

Adding lemon juice to milk makes it less poisonous

Curdled milk with lemon kicks ass

The ultimate testimony about sour milk


A note from the author (me):

You think that the arguments brought forward in this comic are too good to be true, overly simplified and unproven? Well done! You should do the same with most of what you read on the Internet.

I created this comic in order to provide something more entertaining than all the propaganda articles found on the web about milk. Really, I believe it’s better to read the above-written crap than anything found elsewhere, because at least my crap doesn’t take itself seriously.

A few things to consider about milk:

  • Milk is not unhealthy. But you don’t “need” to drink milk to be healthy. Dairy is an excellent source of protein, calcium and vitamin D, but if you can find those nutrients elsewhere, go for it.
  • Milk does not have positive, negative or otherworldly properties. It’s a food… and you shouldn’t choose foods according to whether they allegedly have special benefits (because they don’t).
  • Milk does not make your bones weaker. What studies actually say is that milk is not enough to prevent fractures, which comes to no surprise.
  • No, there is no pus, blood or bacteria in milk… if it’s pasteurized. As for antibiotics, the industry is (fortunately) under a lot of public pressure to stop using them routinely in livestock.
  • 9 to 23% of Caucasians are lactose intolerant, compared to 60 to 100% of African-Americans and Asians, so we’re very far from the “epidemic” that some people speak about; it has more to do with genetics. Also, lactose intolerant people can still consume dairy moderately.
  • Some large-scale, well-built studies suggest that people who drink a lot of milk have a higher mortality rate and a higher risk of developing some types of cancer, but these studies cannot conclude that milk is the cause. People who drink more drink may have other risk factors, such as having more sugar or fat in their diet. People who consume a moderate amount of dairy don’t seem affected by this.

In the end, my impression is that the anti-milk panic exploding online right now comes from activists trying to stop the exploitation of livestock. I am 100% with them regarding the need for ethical treatment of animals, but if this requires demonizing milk, telling outright lies and making me feel guilty to drink it… no thanks.




19 responses to “How to make your milk NONTOXIC

  1. References (mostly related to the last part):

    – Lactose intolerance prevalence by ethnicity:

    – The study that suggested higher mortality in big milk drinkers:

    – A large Swedish study suggesting a possible link between lactose intolerance and cancer:

    – Drinking milk when you’re young does not reduce your risk of fracture once you’re old (no kidding):

    – No higher risk of fracture in women drinking more milk… see how studies can be contradictory?

    – Hey, not even calcium supplements may prevent fractures:

    – Whole milk may increase the risk of prostate cancer:

    – A positive study about dairy for once! Unsurprisingly, it got zero media coverage here in Canada:

  2. Thank you for bringing common sense to the debate. There is so much nonsense on the Internet about health related subjects. It’s sad to see that so many people don’t know how to tell what makes sense and what doesn’t. We obviously need more and better science education in our schools.

  3. Hi there! Huge fan of yours, I started reading your comics in French (I’m actually a pharmacy student at UdeM). I have lots of anglophone friends and am super excited to finally be able to show this to them! However, I would add a suggestion: maybe getting an actual translator in order to grasp the essence of what you’re saying? I see a lot of sentences constructed the French way and a couple of typos here and there (You’re probably aware [that] milk is a disgusting […], threatening mankind [every day], the International Space Station and [they’re] the ones who decide […]). I know I’m being super picky here, but I’m wondering if this could slightly weaken the credibility of your articles (especially since your French blog posts are perfect!). Anyhow, it’s just a thought. Thanks for reading and for your amazing comics! Always looking forward to the next one. 🙂

    • Hi !
      I totally agree with you : the best would be to have an actual translator. But because I’m only one person managing both sites and because it’s not meant to generate any revenue, this is not a realistic option at this point. Hopefully it does not undermine the comics too much.

      Also, I’ll correct any typos pointed out to me (those you’ve mentioned I’ve just corrected by the way), just as I do on the French version.

      Thanks !


    • I saw this also but I decided to keep my comments to myself because this guy is doing more good with his information than harm with grammar and syntax. Here is a suggestion for you though. Perhaps next time, you could communicate with him directly via Facebook instead of calling him out on content which isn’t related to his topics. Note to the pharmafist: great site, great work and thank you.

  4. At least in the U.S., when dairy cattle are treated with antibiotics, the milk is disposed of until they’ve run their course and the milk tests negative for antibiotics. Routine antibiotic use in feed is prohibited in dairy cattle and is being phased out in meat cattle.

  5. So, in other words… Cheese! I knew cheese was awesome…

    • thepharmafist

      It’s just like cheese, but more magical and powerful. Because, you know, lemon makes everything better.

    • thepharmafist

      Hi Phil!

      Thanks for the links. The next logical step would be to point out how these studies support or contradict my comic. But mostly, how this data fits in the big picture and how it should be interpreted.

      As an example, your first link is a retrospective data analysis concluding that eating more red meats, high-fat dairy and refined grains increase the risk of prostate cancer and all-cause mortality. Conversely, eating more vegetables, fruits, fish, legumes, and whole grains decreases all-cause mortality, but not the risk of prostate cancer.

      Now as a healthcare professional, I’m not at all surprised by this and actually quite pleased, because that’s exactly what I tell my patients: eat more greens, lean meats and whole grains. Makes perfect sense. We’ve known for a long time that the typical Western diet makes people unhealthy and leads to disease.

      As for the other two links, they point out to interesting data and, as a matter of fact, the scientific literature is contradictory as to whether dairy is associated with cancer. But it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on that. If you’ve read the conclusion of my comic, you’ve seen that I have addressed that briefly.

      See ya,


  6. Be aware of the “propaganda” from both the dairy industry and the animal “rights” lobby. Its a competition out their with both sides trying too get us to buy their products, For example I saw a comment which was demonising the dairy industry whilst at the same time promoting soy milk.

  7. You’re so funny! This was such a delight to read. Thank you and well done!
    Laughed out loud at many occasions:)

  8. There are some “”pretty”” reputable people out there who stay away from milk and there products.
    I’m not talking internet blog stuff, Drs. who deal with real people, who have real studies (Bernard, Esselstyn, McDougall, etc. Campbell’s book –Whole–has many studies–Are they off base ??
    (I’m not talking the Bollinger characters here) Dr Oz promotes yogurt, bur we know he doesn’t now
    much, he has other goals. Please explain.

    • Hi Mike!

      Milk has a pretty bad reputation these days. Unfortunately, ideological opinions have largely replaced scientific facts, even among some scientists out there. When you take the data of dairy as it is, one has to conclude that yes, it’s healthy. The only apparent risk increase seems to be for prostate cancer, but even then the increase is small.

      That being said, there is no biological need for dairy and one can easily live without it, as long as you can find other sources of calcium and protein.

      Thanks for your question!


  9. Its all so easy, Milk = Ice cream and ice cream is good. (at least it’s good for your morale). Besides, whithout milk, there were be no cheezeburgers.

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